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Located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Malis Dental Clinic was established in 2012 as International dental clinic managed by Japanese dentists.

Since inception the aim of the dental clinic has been to provide the high-class, international standard dental care and offer exceptional, prompt customer service in Cambodia. The interior of the dental clinic is designed to the highest international standards and all equipment and specialist supplies are imported from Japan, the USA and Germany.

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Malis Dental Clinic

Our Dental Services

Tooth Decay Treatment

Treatment options include: Fluoride treatments. Fillings. Crowns. Root canals. Tooth extractions.

Periodontal Disease Treatment

The main aim is to clean out bacteria from the pockets around the teeth and prevent further destruction of bone & tissue.

Pediatric Dentistry (Children)

Pediatric dentists understand children's behavior and know how to make them feel comfortable even on their first visit.

Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dentistry helps to keep your teeth healthy and avoid cavities, gum disease, enamel wear, and more.

Dental Esthetic/Whitening

Teeth whitening are a safe, painless and quick dental treatment that gives outstanding results.

Dental Implants

It's an artificial tooth root that's surgically placed in to the jawbone to secure a replacement tooth, bridges or dentures.

Malis Dental Clinic

Why Choose Malis

Range of services

The dentists at Malis Dental Clinic Phnom Penh Cambodia offers a variety of dental care services for you and your family. From basic checkup, cleaning to treating periodontal and gum diseases...

Dental Clinic

Advanced equipment

At Malis Dental Clinic Phnom Penh Cambodia, all of our surgery and post-recovery facilities are equipped with the latest, most advanced and robust medical equipment and medication.

Dental Clinic

Experienced dentists

Managed by Japanese dentists, Malis Dental Phnom Penh have dentists from Japan, Russia and Cambodia who have vast practical experience in helping you to maintain healthy teeth!

Dental Clinic

Affordable prices

As opposed to other dental clinics in Phnom Penh or Cambodia, we never hike the prices to an unreachable height. Our dental treatments pricing is down-to-earth and affordable for anyone!

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Malis Dental Clinic


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Call us :  012-513-222 (Jp/En); 023-964-142 (En/Kh)

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Visited Malis Dental Clinic several times as I need to fix several broken teeth. I can only highly recommend this place. As for the first time in my life I didn't feel any pain when treated, despite the fact that teeth had to be removed. The dentist was very professional, understood very well my need. There was no problem of communication between us even if we are from different mother tongue. The general ambiance & staff were welcoming. The service was always professional & personalized.

Albin Deforges

Albin Deforges

Happy Customer

I came there with a tooth canal infection. The dentist was really kind and competent. They were just about to close the clinic when we arrived but they opened up again and treated me very well. The clinic easily meet European standards. Everything was sterilized and the dentist was able to calm me down. Overall, I strongly recommend this Dental Clinic to everybody.

Julius Krabappel

Julius Krabappel

Happy Customer

I had a hole in my teeth and i went to a random khmer dentist ; that was catastrophic. The next day i had an infection. Then I decided to find another dentist. It was Malis Dental. I come from France, all the process is the same & the dentist was very gentle, took time to explain every step, & made a good job on my teeth; the abces gone and new crown. NO big pain at all ! Thank the dentist!

Ana Tar

Ana Tar

Happy Customer

Best Offers

Popular Dental Treatments

AirFlow Teeth Cleaning Therapy

Only $57 Per Treatment

Revolutionary teeth cleaning.

Banish tooth stains and help to keep your mouth in tip top condition.

Non damaging to the structure of the teeth

Use a spray of air, aesthetic polishing powder and gentle jet stream of water.

Children Tooth Correction

From $1,788 For 2 Years

No fixed braces.

Straighten your child's teeth, naturally and without braces. The Best Start for Little Smiles.

Available for children 5 to 15 years old.

In most cases no retainer required after treatment.

Regular Teeth Cleaning

Only $30-$57 Per Treatment

Our preventative teeth cleaning services include:

Removal of plaque and tartar, stain removal, fluoride application, etc. to ensure teeth health and oral hygiene.

Treatment every six months is recommended.

Keep your mouth healthy – it’s a gateway to the rest of your body.

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012-513-222 (Jp/En)
023-964-142 (En/Kh)

We Are Open

Phnom Penh Tower Branch
9am-7pm Monday-Saturday
Exchange Square Branch
9am-5pm Sunday

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Malis Dental Clinic

Located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Malis Dental Clinic was established in 2012 as International dental clinic managed by Japanese team and dentists who provide all necessary dental care treatments to all ages from cosmetic tooth whitening, tooth decay treatment, periodontitis, children dentistry to dental implants.


 13th Floor Prince Phnom Penh TOWER Cambodia. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 012-513-222 (Japanese /English) 023-964-142 (English / Khmer) WhatsApp Line: +855 12-513-222 9am-7pm MON-SAT  Exchange Square Branch : 1st Floor. Exchange Square, #19,20, Street 106, Sangkat Wat Phnom, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh WhatsApp (Exchange Square Branch ) 9am-7pm MON-SAT; 9am-5pm SUN